always running.

Silly Me.

I’ve been feeling REALLY fucking stupid lately…I keep making bad judgement calls and looking for acceptance in all the wrong places, and I have no one to blame but myself. I am not sure what happened to me, I never needed confirmation from others to make me happy but lately it seems like that confirmation is the only thing holding me up. I am getting really tired and run down - slowly, but surely. I can’t just keep acting like I am happy, I mean I’m not unhappy, but I am certainly not happy either. I am some gray in between emotion and I wish I could figure it out. God, I need to figure my-fucking-self out.  

my life tho. 
F. Scott Fitzgerald💫👌#quote #FScottFitzgerald #love
✌️✈️😁❤️ (at Bradley International Airport)
3 am is gonna come fast 😭 #gooooodnight

annoyed. pissed off. irritated. confused. hurt. alone. scared. done.

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